Fundraisers are the life blood of non-profit organizations. At any fundraising event, the generosity of the top six to twelve donors determines whether the event is a success or not.

Great photos can capture the story line, the leadership of your organization in action, the memories made at the event, but perhaps most important, they can capture how top contributors feel about the difference they made through their generosity.

Great photos make a difference in relationships. Not just right after the event in website posts and emails, but in private invitations to bring top donors back in coming years. Photos help them to remember how being generous to your organization in previous years made them feel. This is so important when they have so many worthy organizations vying for their generosity each year.

With twenty years of experience running an innovative advertising agency, James J. Burke sees things differently when he looks through the lens. Beauty, emotion, and important moments of your event are captured with flair. He has been capturing event photography for successful non-profits for more than a decade. Let his vision and experience make the most of all you do to ensure your events are a success year after year.

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